First Look at the 2016-17 Texas Basketball Team

The Texas basketball team is looking good for the next year. This team has some new talent coming up and is ready to take on other college basketball teams.
The team is off to a rocky start once again but that does not mean that all is lost. The Texas Longhorns were ranked in the top 25 before the year begun. While many felt the team did not prove itself at this point that is a nice position to start off in. The first five games of the season have come and went and the team is 3-2. There are some things that are going well for the Longhorns and they may be able to save the season.
This team has some strong defensive players that are playing smart with the ball. They have done a pretty good job of keeping other teams from scoring. With the help of James Banks the team is looking good on the defensive end. Banks has been playing smart in his position. He has a decent foul rate but it is too early to tell if he will be good during this season.
The team is  able to hold onto the basketball. They have only turned the ball over 16 percent of the times that it was in their possession. This is a very good rate.
There are some things that the Longhorns do need to improve upon. They do not have a great offensive and still have trouble getting rebounds on the ball. They need to increase their defense and keep it steady from game to game. The team also needs to learn how to shoot three point shots. They have not been doing so well up until this point. The players were able to make only 29 percent of their three point shot attempts. This has been the main reason why they have been losing games so far. The team is either making poor shots or they are not able to make the good shots. Looking back at the games so far this season is looks like the team is missing their good shots and shots that should be easy for a basketball player to make.
The offensive of the team is focusing on two players. They are putting a lot on Jarrett Allen and Shaquille Cleare. While these players are good they are not the only ones on offensive. It seems that others teams are able to cover these players knowing that they will be given the ball. They are then able to block the pass attempts. The team needs to move the ball around more.
There is still hope for fans of this Texas basketball team. The college basketball season is a long season and there are still plenty of games left to be played. This means the Longhorns will have a chance to improve their games as well. If the team is able to make some improvements than there is still time ofr a good season and the fans can still have hope for their team.